Award-winning journalist, Alex Newman, founder of, Senior Editor of The New American and author of the book, ‘Deep State’ joins Greg Hunter on to talk about how the Globalists need to destroy America

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The Truth About Ukraine

Lara Logan - Urkraine

Award-winning journalist Lara Logan is a true journalist had has devoted her long career to telling the unbiased truth. A star correspondent at CBS News for her war coverage in Iraq and Afghanistan she understands war and what and who influences  it.

Global Warming Industry is Hiding Developing ‘Cold Sun’ Dark Winter Phase

A 206-year cycle of solar and planetary warming and cooling has been established through historic research and climate science. Some climate researchers and scientists are now warning we reached the end of a long cyclical warming trend and, are entering a 30-year cooling trend. But their warnings are being suppressed by the highly politicized and profitable climate change industry.