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About 1 of 74m

1 of 74 was originally founded the third week of November 2020 following the 2020 elections.  Donald J Trump’s “official vote count” was 74,222,958 votes, or 46.8 percent of the votes cast. That’s more votes than any other presidential candidate has ever won, with the exception of Biden’s reported vote count.

I like many people who watched the election on November 3rd. and days to follow, noticed many irregularities and unusual reports from counties in the battleground states. Several metro areas in this critical counties stopped counting election night and some blocked election observers from seeing the final votes be reviewed and counted.

I realized I was one,  along with over 74 million Americans who witnessed an election that was stolen by third party intervention.  An election that was manipulated by the Big Tech and supported by Political Elite both right and left who did not want their establishment (swamp) drained any further. 

TIME (now a left leaning website) repeatedly told us that on election night it would appear that Trump won, but once all the votes were counted Joe Biden would be the winner. Amazing how this forecast rang true so clearly, especially considering Biden won only 16.7% of all the counties in the USA.

The Chinese virus – Covid 19 – than set the stage for the 2020 election to use newly adopted generic mail-in ballots and the opportunity for the many of these irregularities. 

Now 74 million people and many more are being reprogramed by the media, public education, our government and large corporate leaders  to believe, comply and accept their narrative.  They have relentlessly promoted the “scamdemic” with more assumptions and propaganda than actual scientific evidence.  They continue to increase governmental control,  the push for Critical Race Theory in our schools while our history is being erased and  privacy and rights eroded.

I believe “The “Covid Pandemic” Is a Money-making Hoax Serving Darker Agendas”. I wholly agree with this article from Paul Craig Roberts.

So myself inspired by several contributors are all “1 of the 74 million” have created and published an online publication consisting of news, commentary and information not available on main stream media. is 100% owned by myself we have no 3rd party investors or funding from any sources. We currently do not sell advertising and are not influenced by any political, business or religious organizations.

Thank you!

Larry Davis

Digital Soldier and Patriot 

“Please don’t let this information be silenced”

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