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Justin Trudeau invokes Emergencies Act against peaceful truckers’ rebellion

Dear Canadians that are against the mandates, here is a list of the top corporate manufacturers in Canada. If you are a trucker, warehouse worker, or office worker for these companies you may want to get together with other workers and start organizing massive multi day walkouts to cause closures of these globalist corporations. Trudeau’s emergency powers can’t force people to work if they choose not to. You may also want to view the top 5 Canadian banks. If you have holdings in any of them you may want to take your money out of these banks and put it in a smaller community bank. If Trudeau tries to prevent people from withdrawing their money, he will have hell to pay By The People of Canada! Many of the CEO’s from these corporations and banks are with the World Economic Forum and International Monetary Fund. They are the ones responsible for financing and organizing the pandemic hoax. Why? Because tyranny doesn’t end until it’s defeated! Better corporate closures, than corporate mandates! Link of top Canadian corporations Top 5 banks in Canada